Though Heavens May Fall
by Sam Kerillion

En Kharakas.  A realm wherein the God of Gods has taken great interest.  Twin Goddesses, Ariel & Leira, struggle for survival, pitted against one another by the Evils of Bane.

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In the far western corner of the realm a mighty and ancient Citadel sits upon the edge of the Great Dead Sea.  Here, the last Champion of Goddess Ariel, a mere boy, has taken refuge...and the Armies of Graisalle have begun to march upon him.

Goddesses war upon one another and a little boy stands between them with a few friends at his shoulder.  NyteOrchid, the Sorceress.  Shehrah, the Ashe Elf.  Shingen, the Warrior.

When Evil reaches toward the boy, his allies will fight for his life and raze the realm...Though Heavens May Fall!

Join the Sorceress NyteOrchid, the Ashe Elf Shehrah, the Warrior Shingen, and the boy Champion Kirre as they face the evils of the Goddess Leira, caught in a struggle between Good and Evil.  Amid the challenges faced in this rugged land, romance blossoms and grand love grows even stronger as our heroes stand at the shoulder of their friend, the boy who would be King!

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Though Heavens May Fall
by Sam Kerillion

Shehrah, the Ashe Elf of En Kharakas.  Her Dokkalfarh mother and Human father unleashed upon the world this magnificent and complex creature.  At home in the shadows and quick to draw blood, Shehrah struggles with the inner conflicts one might expect given her unique lineage.

She is young, brash, dangerous and seductive.  Her passions often over rule prudence.  Her affection for a select few allow this creature to explore loyalty and love, and the enemies who would challenge her friends permit the Ashe Elf to plunge into her dangerous and terrifying Drow heritage.

Join Shehrah as she travels to the Citadel of the Ancients with the mighty Sorceress NyteOrchid to face the evils that challenge her most beloved friends!

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Sam has finished En Kharakas: Shohain as well as the third installment
of the magnificent new Fantasy Epic Series En Kharakas. 
Look for Book Two (Shohain) just in time for Christmas and
Book Three just after New Years!

You can email Sam here:  Email


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